Corporate Video Production

Welcome to Luke Sutton Productions. We began our work in this industry and today we work with some of the UK’s biggest capital equipment manufacturers and engineering companies such as TBS Engineering and RMGroup.

Our aim is to capture the manufacturing process and the laborious jobs that are performed by workers. Our aim is to communicate what your company is all about.

We can work on short notice and record a high-resolution video production, and send it to you digitally within a few days. Industrial engineering and machinery is our speciality. Prior to filming, we will determine the story and your type of client, and then plan a video and a shot list. We can then agree on a filming day when it’s convenient for you. Read more about how we film here.

We have produced videos for industries with their websites and social media accounts, helping them to create marketing content for LinkedIn and Instagram accounts. We have also created Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) videos for sales teams that work internationally, carrying demonstration videos with them to show to current and potential clients. This is becoming an increasingly competitive market; and it’s a good idea to utilise video and spread the word.

His approach to our bespoke industrial machinery and swift turnaround of the end product has been exceptional

Will cross

His approach to our bespoke industrial machinery and swift turnaround of the end product has been exceptional. We have continued to develop our working relationship on a range of other projects including drone appraisals of our new facility. I cannot speak highly enough of his character, work ethic and look forward to working on our exciting new developments later this year.

William Cross

We started in this field - we have advanced in manufacturing & industrial video productions.

High-grade filming and photography equipment for the best footage possible.

Fast turnaround from the day of filming to deliverables. We are the fastest.

Featured - Kasdon Electronics PCB Assembly Manufacturing Video Production

Kasdon Electronics is a UK based PCB Assembly of Through Hole & Surface Mount Technology, Box Build & Cable Assembly preparation.

We filmed some of the machines at Kasdon Electronics to showcase their technological capabilities; some of these machines such as the PCB assembly pick and place is extremely fast; we had to creatively film these processes with very high frame rates and as much lighting as we could introduce into the shot.

Once we had the footage after a few hours of filming, we got back to the office and started the post-production work. We spent a good 12 hours in post on this one; colour grading of the camera’s SLOG2 footage, placing additional servo motor sounds onto the sequence, and even finding narration from a very old PCB video from the late ’60s. Our creativity knows no bounds.

Factory videos

A factory is an industrial site, usually consisting of buildings and machinery, where workers manufacture goods and operate machinery to produce products. These are busy environments, so it isn't uncommon to be asked to film a time-lapse inside the production plant, along with voxpops (interviews with staff, engineers etc) and b-roll of site labourers or and automated machinery.

Manufacturing videos

Most manufacturing is automated, and this in itself has become a very competitive market. Our video productions of manufacturing facilities, as well as automated robots, are filmed in sequence and to a structured shot-list. It is assembled in post-production to create smooth footage, and this is very powerful to display on your website, or to potential clients.

Engineering videos

There are some incredible engineering companies in the UK. Civil Engineering companies manufacture a lot of capital manufacturing equipment, as well as other things. It has never been a better time for Engineering companies to demonstrate what makes them stand out from their competitors; video is certainly the way forward.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) Videos

We have a keen eye for detail and have specialised in industrial automation filming in the last few years since we started filming automated robotic assembly machines with TBS in 2017. Global competition in capital equipment manufacturing has necessitated better marketing strategies, and video is undoubtedly the best way to increase sales and conversions with potential clients.
Explainer video productions are powerful in sales meetings, and they can better illustrate the automated process from the base parts, through to a finished product. We have made a fine art of filming each process in the very best quality, with smooth camera motions, implementing text graphical overlays where necessary.

TBS engineering
William Cross - Group Sales Manager

‘We are in the business of large Capital Equipment manufacturing for the Battery Industry. The completion from a successful customer inspection only allows a small window for promotional work such as videos, which Luke assisted us greatly. His approach to this bespoke nature of Industrial filming was exceptional and we have continued to develop our working relationship on a range of other projects. I cannot speak highly enough of his character, work ethic and look forward to working on our Robot Plate Loader in May this year.’

Freight Investor Services
Neville Smith - PR Manager

‘I worked with Luke on behalf of my client Freight Investor Services which wanted an updated mobile-friendly website. Luke's design skills, enthusiasm for the project and speed of response made the process fast and simple, it was completed within timeframe and to budget. It was a pleasure to work with Luke and I would heartily recommend his services.’

Jones Design Create
Harriet Jones - Director

‘As a graphic design company we were very particular as to how we wanted our website to work and look. Luke took our designs and created exactly what we asked of him with a huge amount of patience along the way. We were delighted with the result. We have since recommended him to our clients whenever a website is needed and continue to work with him on a regular basis.’

We create powerful and attention-grabbing videos; let's build something great together.