4removals website design so far

4 Removals New Website is Looking Sharp!

I am really proud of the new website design so far for 4 Removals. The owner of the Leicester-based house removal business Wesley Poor, had already done a reasonable job designing his website on his own, but realised he was short of time. He also checked out one of the website designs of a local restaurant to discover it was designed by us, and decided he’d like his site to be redesigned by us too.

We got some SEO work with 4 Removals to begin early next year, as well as some video footage and 360 camera work too. We prefer to work with our customers further down the line, to help them achieve the results they need in business. Whether that is video, content, articles, SEO or virtual website tours, we will strive the best we can to provide this.

We are waiting on more photography, along with the final sharp high-definition images to be sent to us, along with a simplified quotation form for the site.

This should all be very exciting on launch. Watch this space!