web design demands seo

A Website Without Seo Is Like a Car Without Petrol

Web design has evolved a hell of a lot in the last ten years, but only in the last 3 years have clients demanded more than just good design and functionality; it simply must rank as high as possible after launch. Many web designers don’t want the hassle of this after the design; not because they’re not good at design, but their forte just isn’t in SEO and it isn’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea.

As local businesses struggle with the economy, more and more businesses are closing up shop to trade online from home. I’ve seen local businesses in Herefordshire do this to avoid silly business rates and rents for shops, and this can be a risky venture by far, and e-commerce is just impossible without SEO.

I believe all website owners after launch should look into different forms of digital marketing, including SEO and AdWords to better understand their competition and keywords in their industry; this isn’t necessarily an obligation the original designer has to provide unless they’ve contractually promised to do so beforehand. Approaching web design with the client’s ultimate goal in mind is going to reap better results down the line.