amplify your website on Google serps

Amplify your already spectacular Website

Let’s say that SEO is the vehicle for your site’s success. You have the car, you have the tires, you have a high-horsepower engine — but even with all that, the site is just not moving. Traffic is practically non-existent and you’ve only just started looking at Analytics with its confusing and unhelpful layout. You care about your website, and whether it’ll pay off in the short and long term. If you’ve spent good money on your website, you have every concern as to whether it will land you traffic and ultimately sales. You need fuel. And not just any fuel. You need the right fuel. Fuel that gives your SEO the acceleration it needs to succeed.

Too often I see great web design that is executed really well but it’s just missing something.

You’ve probably heard that SEO is dead and that it’s all about Adwords these days.. but considering that you may be spending around £15k+ a year in Adwords just to compete with other businesses in your industry, it would most certainly pay off to look at your site and get a specialist in to analyse your traffic; sources of traffic and the general user experience of your website (whether it’s easy to use or not).

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