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Back From Budapest, Hungary!

I’m back from Budapest and it’s back to designing fantastic websites with April and getting them higher on Google rankings!
I did notice something rather interesting whilst I was on my holiday in Hungary; most people use laptops instead of tablets, and even the main electrical stores concentrated their sales on laptops which I found odd. Every cafe I visited in the richer districts in Budapest (such as District 13) had people using laptops. Only laptops. I didn’t see one single tablet being used.

In the United Kingdom a typical website’s traffic is mainly composed of mobile visitors – tablets and mobile phones – because people are actually replacing their laptops for tablets in the UK, because they’re more affordable and you just do not need a laptop these days. I can confirm this as I am also a computer engineer and I’ve seen this firsthand with my customers over the last 4 years. It would certainly be interesting to monitor traffic in different parts of Europe to see their mobile VS laptop traffic with regards to responsive website design..