• Filming at autodesk in birmingham

    On Location: Filming with Autodesk and Man & Machine in Birmingham

    My recent project took me to Autodesk’s manufacturing facility in Birmingham, where I collaborated with Man & Machine and Autodesk, the developers of AutoCAD. This video is set to enhance Man & Machine’s marketing efforts for Autodesk Fusion 360. Stay tuned for more insights and updates!

  • amp trade manufacturing show expo video 1

    Video production for Advanced Material Processing

    Revamped trade show video for Advanced Material Processing (AMP), showcasing the dynamic capabilities of its brands, Kason and Marion. As part of this project, I was tasked with revitalising an outdated trade show video that had lost its coherence over time, plagued by inconsistent additions that deviated from the established design and branding guidelines. Without …

  • metal melting sheffield pro roll ltd

    Video production for Pro-Roll – Sheffield’s leading metal manufacturer

    Video production for Pro-Roll Ltd, one of Sheffield’s leading metal manufacturers. Commissioned for the Farnborough Air Show Expo, this display video highlights Pro-Roll’s expertise in melting and crafting metals for the aerospace and submarine industries. Pro-Roll Ltd is a specialist hand rolling mill based in Sheffield, dedicated to providing service and quality in the manufacture …

  • Kings head bar 0

    Photography for The King’s Head pub, hotel and restaurant

    Photography played a crucial role in my recent redesign of the King’s Head hotel, bar, and restaurant website in Ross-on-Wye. At the behest of James, the owner, I captured captivating images not only of the establishment itself but also of its adjacent venue, The Corn Exchange. Through these photographs, I aimed to encapsulate the inviting …

  • coil tech toroidal transformers photography 8

    Photography for Coil Tech

    Photography is a pivotal element in conveying Coil Tech Ltd.’s identity and message effectively. As the creative mind behind their website design and new logo branding, I understand the critical role high-quality visuals play in capturing the essence of Coil Tech UK’s expertise and product range. With precision and creativity, our photography showcases the intricacies …

  • Cartor printers photography 4

    Photography for Cartor Printers

    Photography and videography assignment for Cartor Security Printers, headquartered in Staffordshire, England. Following the recent acquisition by the US-based company Spectre, Cartor has expanded its production capabilities, focusing on two new cutting-edge machines. My task was to capture high-quality visual content showcasing these machines in action, to be utilised by Cartor’s marketing team based in …

  • Videographer Gloucester Gloucestershire

    The Power of Effective Video Marketing on LinkedIn

    In the realm of professional networking and B2B engagement, LinkedIn stands as the go-to platform for fostering meaningful connections and showcasing industry expertise. Within this dynamic landscape, video marketing has emerged as a powerhouse tool, capable of propelling your brand to new heights. Let’s delve into why and how effective video marketing on LinkedIn can …

  • Videographer Gloucester Gloucestershire

    Why we use filming gimbals

    In the world of video production, the quest for smooth and cinematic footage is paramount. As technology continues to evolve, filmmakers and content creators have found a game-changing ally in the form of filming gimbals. These handheld devices have become an essential tool for capturing professional-looking videos by eliminating the unwanted shake and jitter often …

  • Video producer gloucester uk 2823

    Filming with Your Phone vs. the Sony A7SIII

    The advent of technology has democratised the world of video production, making it more accessible to enthusiasts, content creators, and businesses alike. Today, many people rely on their smartphones for capturing moments, sharing stories, and even creating professional-looking videos. However, the distinction between filming with a phone and a dedicated professional video camera, such as …

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