Demo Reel 2021 – Luke Sutton Productions

2021 has been a busy year. We have worked alongside DJI, Syndico Distribution, RMGroup UK Ltd, Zeus Laboratories, TBS Engineering, Forfar Truss Company, MiTek Industries, RNA Automation, TNA Engineering, Hobsons Brewery and Radnor Hills to…

Oct 22, 2021

Forfar Roof Truss Company

Industrial photography and a full video production for MiTek and The Forfar Roof Truss Company. Featured people in the photos are Alan Hampton of The Forfar Roof Truss Company, and Jimmy Close of MiTek Industries…

Jul 24, 2021

New Video – Automotive Battery Post burner

Battery contact post burning / soldering - lead-acid battery capital equipment manufacturing video production. We used higher frame-rates for different shots, as this better demonstrated the post burning and soldering of the automotive car batteries,…

Jul 10, 2021