Our everyday thoughts and updates are presented here. We publish regular updates on our video productions but this is not exhaustive; some productions are confidential and require careful management of sensitive information.
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  • tshr website launch
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    TSHR Web Design Launch

    Tamasin at TSHR Ltd needed corporate identity, and a website to be proud of. It’s taken some time to design the layout, and other additions such as graphics and the motion graphics as shown below. These finishing touches provide a great aesthetic appeal, along with good functionality. Click here to view the site. Below is the…

  • web design optimising images
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    Web Design and Optimising Images for Website Performance

    Have you ever visited a website and found it really sluggish to use? Ofcourse you have. But chances are the images weren’t optimised and this drives me nuts. I see this happening all too often with web designers. We need to pay attention to performance on mobile devices and tablets, and a website over 4mb…

  • good web design makes every difference
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    A Good Website Makes Every Difference

    If you’ve been in business and you doubt your website, then it’s time to ditch for a new design. Marketing today is extremely important, so ensure you have a cutting edge website that’s fully responsive, with a blog feature that you can update regularly, in order for it to grow. Many Businesses Are Still Using…

  • image
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    WordPress Still Dominates Above Competitors for Web Design

    Google Trends always shows us some fantastic results. I thought I’d just have a check with WordPress against some its web design platform competitors; Joomla, Drupal, Dreamweaver and Adobe Muse and take a look at those results. It’s probably a little unfair to compare content management systems against drag drop development tools such as Muse…

  • image
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    Siri and Cortana to Make Sharp Change in Website Traffic

    It’s no secret that improved mobile technology has paved the way to responsive website design over the last two years, and traffic has also changed. Siri and Cortana There’s a new wave of traffic that analytics isn’t notifying you of, other than a sharp increase in mobile technology ofcourse; Siri and Cortana based searches. But…

  • future of web design marketing
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    Future of Website Design

    We all want to know what the future holds with web design. Whilst this is almost impossible to forecast in these times, we must prepare ourselves nevertheless. There are three main trends to future web development, which currently are influencing website design as we speak. 1) In-browser design will become more prominent Although you may be…

  • Andrew hancock logo1
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    Andrew Hancock Branding

    Andrew is a visionary customer service leader and is way ahead of the curve. (designed by Andrew Hancock) needed a crisp, eye-catching and inspiring logo for print and his own website, and that’s exactly what I provided.

  • TSHR logo design
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    New Branding Design for TSHR Human Resources

    TSHR Human Resources needed a professional and colourful logo. I used Raleway font, which is crisp and corporate, and created the cogs / magnifying glass vectors in photoshop. I also did the following animation which is redrawn and placed on the mid-section of each page of the site.  

  • n03 website post 1
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    New Website for No3, Branding & Photography

    It’s been a real success with No3’s new website I provided branding, photography (restaurant seating areas, lighting, chairs) and website design for Darren and Charli for their classy new restaurant in Ross-on-Wye, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.

  • SEO
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    Huge SEO Success with Website Design Client

    As I’ve mentioned other some other pages, I’m contracted for search engine optimisation for numerous local web designers. It’s been a huge success and there is a lot of demand for this sort of work. For various reasons I can’t disclose their client, but I’ll simply show you the image attached and you’ll get the picture. It’s…