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  • business planning seo
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    The Five P’s and Planning Your Success with a Web Design ranking

    Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Strategy is key when planning your business but it’s alarming how many businesses don’t have a desired outcome when it comes to designing a website or choosing internet marketing. What product do you want to sell? Do you want to sell shoes? And how many in a month? Do you…

  • JJF after one month
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    Client Ranking Review – John James Furnishings

    I am so happy to announce this. I begun doing optimising John James Furnishings in November ’14 and after just one month their ranking is getting better and better. Page 1 position 6 for “carpet fitters forest of dean” is a great keyword hit. I’ll review these keywords after the latest SEO changes to their…

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    Domain Registrations Do Affect SEO

    For years the rumour has been that changing the registrar length of time, whether it be 2 years or more affects the overall ranking of a website. Truth is nobody is entirely sure but lately one thing that many people are missing to take note on is the domain registrar address. Ever since Google announced…

  • SEO vs website on trends
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    SEO has more demand than Web Design According to Trends

    Okay, okay!!  This is an obvious one and we saw this one coming right from 2010 onwards so I won’t claim credit for this find, hehe. But the question is, how on earth did SEO become a more popular demand than Web Design? (according to Google Trends) Years ago, many businesses felt pressured into getting…

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    Quality Content On Your Website

    So you’re trying to find something on Google and bang – you’ve found what you were looking for. You click on the link and you’re taken to a page and you start thinking.. *eh?*. It’s the moment you realise this site could possibly be spammy or perhaps you’ve been lead to a page that sucked…