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  • cds website design
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    Working together with CDS Website Design in Ross-on-Wye

    I work together with local web designers, providing search engine optimisation services and consultation. I can happily announce that myself, and CDS Web Design in Ross-on-Wye, are in a joint-effort with projects on the board!

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    Latest Graphic Work for Website Client

    Here’s my latest graphic work for a client – updating images for a website gallery!

  • web design coding
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    Website Design Builders – and Why To Avoid Using Them

    Over the last 15 years we’ve seen website design progress leaps and bounds. In the early ’90s, websites were often built by programmers, graphic designers and were often coded in .ASP and basic HTML. As time progressed, and technological developments changed, we saw PHP, Javascript and CSS change way websites were fundamentally built. Content management…

  • website design
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    Your Website Design and What You Are About

    Your Website Is Supposed to Say What You’re All About. A good website should inspire the customer to engage in the content. To subscribe, or buy that particular product. It’s a statement of the company or organisation, and it’s more than just a business card or a leaflet online. It represents your identity and footprint on…

  • google analyticator
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    Google Analyticator for WordPress – Google Analytics on Your Dashboard

    For those that aren’t fully aware and that do have a WordPress website, please please please download Google Analyticator for WordPress. It’s a fantastic nifty analytics program that displays traffic from over a day – 30 days to 60 days, and the most visited pages and posts. Perfect if you are monitoring your traffic and trends.…

  • stella by starlight website
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    Stella by Starlight’s New Website Design Preview

    Little sneak preview of Stella by Starlight’s new website design!

  • negative seo
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    Negative SEO – Should You Be Worried

    A recent study was conducted, to research whether people would use negative SEO to harm competitor’s rankings on Google, in an effort to better their own ranking. Astonishingly, 60% would do it, 10% Undecided and 30% that wouldn’t. But it makes a point; if they could, they would harm your rankings. Negative SEO typically involves…

  • link building
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    Willy-Nilly Link-Building Is No Longer Effective

    Okay so it’s not exactly big news, we’ve really known this for years now, but willy-nilly link building just won’t do anymore. Back in the dot com times, a lot of businesses would spend countless hours emailing other companies to trade links on their sites with high pagerank, and would pay directories for a small…

  • web design ross on wye
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    Website Design – You Get What You Pay For

    As a web designer based in Ross-on-Wye, There have been times when a customer has tried to negotiate a price based on cheaper competitors, which is fine, providing this was a car boot sale. But this is a website. And it’s most likely going to be the front of your business and portray what you…

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    Latest Page 1 Position 1 Ranking for Client

    I’ve recently concentrated on local keywords for John James Furnishings and it’s a great success so far with a page 1 position 1 ranking for “mattresses mitcheldean”!