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Business Proposal Video Production

Our aim is to professionally shoot a video production with high spec cameras, and professional lighting so you can effectively differentiate yourself from competitors, and to be memorable.

With our video production service, we shoot our interview scenes with two cameras to make it more interesting, and use additional footage to better point out your unique selling point. Then it’s just a matter of getting the story and script together, to convey and support that USP.

A good business proposal video production has to reassure your prospect that you are the right person to do business with.

Once we have been onsite and filmed the shoot, we will do the rest in post-production. We’ll need your guidance further in the development to tighten up the final production, before we send it to you electronically.

We love what we do, and we are super passionate for making really great films, both corporate and industrial. We capture all shots with proper lighting, and use adequate microphones to the audio at hand. We do believe in a creative aspect to video production, so we like to hear your thoughts as to what your video proposal looks like in your mind, so that we have a better understanding of what you want.

We are licenced drone pilots. This means we can film both on the ground and in the air, to make your production better and more professional.

Click here to send us a message or email us on info@luke-sutton.co.uk