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Businesses Are Adapting to COVID-19 by Changing Their Approach Online

In possibly the worst case scenario a business could face, many business owners are adapting to the covid-19 lockdown by ways of online coaching, consultation, selling and online trading. This will be a gamble for many businesses, especially in such a precarious time; we simply do not know when this lockdown will be lifted, and worse still, whether we will have to deal with a recession, inflation or god-forbid, deflation.

So far this year we have seen floods, a world-wide pandemic and now a drop in Oil to negative rates, to which have less value than a single toilet roll. This could be seen on biblical proportions!

We have worked with various small businesses lately in redesigning their sites, changing their web sites to offer online coaching etc. Businesses large and small are using this time to improve their strategy, and to iron out any issues that could cause a problem in the current paradigm shift.

We are offering website design, content, video production and photography services at a reduced rate until the economy stabilises and the lockdown is lifted.

Contact us for assistance and we’ll help your business get through this difficult time.