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  • Graphic-design-uk-defence-contractor
    Logo white

    Print & Graphic Design for UK Defence Contractor

    For this project, I used images from under a general public licence, and colour graded them to add some depth to the images. Each panel is 52 x 52 inches in size, and I was tasked with designing and installing 8 of them onto a Mezzanine side rail. After colour grading the photo, I…

  • Mockup wow
    Logo white

    New logo designed for client

    New logo designed for client in Ross on Wye.

  • Business card
    Logo white

    Business card and logo designed for Brookes and Jeanes

    Just a simple logo and business card designed for Brookes and Jeanes, Herefordshire based decorators with a great local reputation.

  • Re-drawn Logo for Red Nelly looking fantastic

    Our design and web client Red Nelly has started putting her product together along with the logo we redrawn for them a few weeks back. So far it looks absolutely stunning and really eye-catching! The eco-friendly company is looking to launch their website design with us withing the next 6 weeks with their product range.…

    • 1yaht

    Standart gallery post

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