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    SEO for Ross & Wye Flooring Success

    We’ve managed to really improve Ross and Wye Flooring’s website on Google by making modifications to their website. Wye flooring was recently purchased by Ross Flooring, and we’ve been commissioned to take over website development and search engine optimisation. The above image is just one of several keywords now ranking higher for the Herefordshire flooring…
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    Oven and Range Cleaning website redesign moves further up in Google yet again

    Oven and Range Cleaning website redesign moves further up in Google yet again for a majority of their local keyword searches. We re-designed their website and launched in early August and seen their site rise higher above their competitors ever since! Amazing results considering it’s so soon from being redesigned! Watch this space…

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    Oven Range Cleaning move up in Google after redesign with us!

    Look at Oven Range Cleaning move up in Google after redesign with us!

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    Ranking Improvements for Our Website Clients

    It’s been a good week for our web design clients Fascia Focus (currently have an ongoing SEO campaign with us) and Jane Miller Robinson, who have been steadily rising in Google for organic keywords over the last 4 months. The target is the same as always – page 1 position 1 if possible. Monitoring our past…

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    SEO Success with Surveying Cymru

    It’s taken the work of myself, Phil Clarke (Director of Calendar Lady) and Nick Dargie (Director of Surveying Cymru) around 8 months but we’ve managed to yield some excellent results with Surveying Cymru, a website designed by myself and Phil Clarke at Hanley Court Design over 12 months ago. We’ve made changes, used white-hat SEO…

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    Amplify your already spectacular Website

    Let’s say that SEO is the vehicle for your site’s success. You have the car, you have the tires, you have a high-horsepower engine — but even with all that, the site is just not moving. Traffic is practically non-existent and you’ve only just started looking at Analytics with its confusing and unhelpful layout. You care about…

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    Client’s Website Optimised to Load in Just 600 Milliseconds

    I’m so happy to announce these things; a recent and new SEO client, Parkfields Country House, has just had their website optimised to load in just 600 milliseconds from what was previously 4 seconds. The file size on the website went from 9 megabytes to just 1.7 megabytes! That’s a huge speed difference with mobile…

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    SEO in High Demand Due to Google’s Local Keyword Penalties

    In late 2013 Google released their new Hummingbird algorithm and this algorithm was designed to work on the meanings beneath the words and bring more relevant search terms in the SERPS. A search for “pay your bills through Herefordshire council online” used to bring up their home page, but now you’ll see their payment page. It…

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    Explosive Start to Fascia Focus’ SEO Campaign

    It’s been a great start to Fascia Focus’s new SEO campaign. The UPVC Windows and Doors industry is hugely competitive, and there are nearly 40 competing companies in Gloucester alone. The six month ongoing campaign has additional monthly classy and engaging copy provided by Greg Brina of Cracking Comms. This crisp and easy to use website…

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    Bing is now profitable..

    Microsoft has recently announced a significant milestone: Bing is now profitable. Windows 10 has been a huge success compared to it’s predecessor 8, which has Bing deeply integrated within the user interface and it’s browsers. This’ll will slightly change search in favour to Bing over the next few months. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella remarked on…