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    Huge SEO Success with Website Design Client

    As I’ve mentioned other some other pages, I’m contracted for search engine optimisation for numerous local web designers. It’s been a huge success and there is a lot of demand for this sort of work. For various reasons I can’t disclose their client, but I’ll simply show you the image attached and you’ll get the picture. It’s…

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    Client’s New Website Moves Several Places up in Google!

    New websites if designed well, can often cause huge improvements in Google search results. When I design a new website, I sit down with the client and try to figure out exactly they want to achieve, whether it be selling shoes or blogging about gold panning. A good website should have SEO and this will…

  • negative seo
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    Negative SEO – Should You Be Worried

    A recent study was conducted, to research whether people would use negative SEO to harm competitor’s rankings on Google, in an effort to better their own ranking. Astonishingly, 60% would do it, 10% Undecided and 30% that wouldn’t. But it makes a point; if they could, they would harm your rankings. Negative SEO typically involves…

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    Willy-Nilly Link-Building Is No Longer Effective

    Okay so it’s not exactly big news, we’ve really known this for years now, but willy-nilly link building just won’t do anymore. Back in the dot com times, a lot of businesses would spend countless hours emailing other companies to trade links on their sites with high pagerank, and would pay directories for a small…

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    Latest Page 1 Position 1 Ranking for Client

    I’ve recently concentrated on local keywords for John James Furnishings and it’s a great success so far with a page 1 position 1 ranking for “mattresses mitcheldean”!

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    SEO Health Checks Available

    Before every SEO campaign begins or just as a standalone report; the SEO health check can pretty much help me determine the weaknesses of your site and your competitors. It breaks down elements such as coding, responsive views on tablets and desktop browsers, problems on-site, inbound links and more. It’s absolutely valuable before any further…

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    Client Ranking Update –John James Furnishings

    It’s been two months since I began search engine optimisation for John James Furnishings and so far the results have been a success. Yesterday I received an email from Alison; “Hi Luke, We have had a customer today who found us online, took the phone number off there and rang us about mattresses. We took…

  • JJF after one month
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    Client Ranking Review – John James Furnishings

    I am so happy to announce this. I begun doing optimising John James Furnishings in November ’14 and after just one month their ranking is getting better and better. Page 1 position 6 for “carpet fitters forest of dean” is a great keyword hit. I’ll review these keywords after the latest SEO changes to their…