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  • steamvr vive KLVGBst
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    Batch of HTC Vive controllers repaired for Goldsmiths University in London

    I’ve just repaired a whole batch of HTC Vive controllers for Goldsmiths, University of London. The entire batch had familiar faults with trackpad issues, and general unresponsive trackpads due to a design flaw. Other faults may be involving battery and charging issues, a faulty steam / menu button, trigger or grip button. I have a…

  • New ronin s stabiliser

    Our latest kit addition – The Ronin S Camera Gimbal

    We’ve upgraded our filming kit with a Ronin S gimbal. This newly released piece of equipment allows steady panning and movement of the camera equipment without shakes. We take our website design and video services VERY seriously.

  • We Install Tudor Sweets Shop Display Video

    We have just installed the Tudor Sweets Shop Display Video. The Digital video picture frame was capable of displaying their 4K Video, which was part of their Web Design and Video package that they commissioned us to do. The display looks fantastic and adds a whole new dynamic to their shop window display. If you…

  • featured 360 cok
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    Recording Conspiracy of Kings 360 Music Video!

    I’ve been recording the new music video for Conspiracy of Kings! The trio needed something new and exciting, and after setting up the stage and adding some fantastic lighting and smoke effects, I managed to get some superb footage which will be released to the public soon! Watch this space!

  • We test out the HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset

    At the time of this article, there are two VR headsets on the market that are worth talking about; the HTC Vive and The Oculus Rift. Both have the same type of technology with a slight difference in construction. For example, the HTC Vive has its sensors mounted in the headset itself, and uses two…
  • back from hungary website technology and browsers
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    Back From Budapest, Hungary!

    I’m back from Budapest and it’s back to designing fantastic websites with April and getting them higher on Google rankings! I did notice something rather interesting whilst I was on my holiday in Hungary; most people use laptops instead of tablets, and even the main electrical stores concentrated their sales on laptops which I found odd.…

  • Latest drone footage symonds yat ross on wye
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    Latest Aerial Footage, Symonds Yat and Ross-on-Wye

    Take a look at my latest aerial drone footage of Symonds Yat and Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire. It’s a breath-taking view and a chance to really observe the beauty that Herefordshire has to offer. Aerial quadcopter and drone footage can be wonderful for your website. I can get the very best class 1 aerial drone pilots to…

  • page loading fascia focus 551miliseconds
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    Another Website Optimised to Blistering Speeds

    I’ve optimised Fascia Focus to load in just 551 milliseconds. It’s one of the fastest website optimisations done by myself. Image compression, Gzip optimisations in the .htaccess and trimming of website resources all helped towards making this speed possible. Faster website speed means faster loading time, and this means fewer penalties by Google in the search…

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    Another Website Tuned for Ultra Fast Load Times

    Here’s another super fast website speed at just 1 second on load, which is very good for 93 server requests. Using minified CSS isn’t the only technique used; stripping all non-essential elements and modules from WordPress was key to improving the performance of this often slow content management system. is now running at optimal speed…

  • web design optimising images
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    Web Design and Optimising Images for Website Performance

    Have you ever visited a website and found it really sluggish to use? Ofcourse you have. But chances are the images weren’t optimised and this drives me nuts. I see this happening all too often with web designers. We need to pay attention to performance on mobile devices and tablets, and a website over 4mb…