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  • brunette close up face 2748091
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    Filming for Peter Hickman hair salon in Ross-on-Wye

    We’ll be filming at Peter Hickman hair dressers in Ross-on-Wye in a few weeks time! Rather than being story-led, this will feature the creative environment in both the mens salon section downstairs, and ladies salon upstairs. I’m choosing a familiar colour and feel that we used for Istanbul Barbers; Cine4 filming colours with some emphasis…

  • Istanbul barber video production ross on wye herefordshire 6
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    Hair Styling & Barber Video Production

    We like to stick with the current trends and produce stylish videos, which can really emphasise your styling on your social media platforms, and other advertising platforms. Since cutting hair can’t be undone, we film with a run and gun approach to get the story in, and the hair stylist’s special techniques in frame using…

  • Istanbul barber video production ross on wye herefordshire 1
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    Istanbul Barbers New Video Production

    Istanbul Barbershop Video Production Video production for Istanbul Barbers in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire. We’ve used different focal ranges from 24mm to 50mm, techniques and a flat and tweaked Cine4 colour grade, and we just controlled the highlights and blacks in post-production. Most footage shot in high speeds and controlled in post production. Video to be used…

  • Gloucester lancaster 1
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    Lancaster Bomber over Malvern today. Got this on the camera last split second!

    Lancaster Bomber over Malvern today 😀 got this on the camera last split second!

  • 360 photography for TSCreation sabers preview
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    360 Photography for TS. Creation Sabers

    We have just created a really cool 360 image for Tom Stephens of TS.Creation sabers. This footage will be used on his new website which is due to launch in late November. Watch this space. [panorama360 src=”” src_width=”5376″ src_height=”2688″ style=”height: 350px; margin-bottom: 20px;” ][/panorama360]  

  • 360 video for websites
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    Our 360 4K Virtual Tour Video Footage for No3 Restaurant

    We have just created a fantastic 360 virtual tour video for N03 Restaurant in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire. This fantastic 4K virtual tour clip gives the website visitor a first glance at the establishment, similar to a virtual tour in a business. This 360 tour works with Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Virtual Reality headsets,…