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  • Caroline-Gouveia-life-coach-video-production-still-2.jpg
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    New Video – Carolina Gouveia

    Promotional advertising video production for Carolina Gouveia, a personal coach in Portugal. Filmed using Sony A7III cameras, and utilising a HLG3 colour profile for full dynamic range from the sensor. Graded afterwards for a cinematic look and feel, post production in Adobe Premiere. Soundtrack by Burn Water – amazing musician – check him out here…

  • alexandra personal coach video 2
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    Alexandra Waldemar Brown – Seminar Event Video Production

    Video production for personal coach and motivational speaker Alexandra Waldemar-Brown. Filmed using Sony A7 III and Canon 5D MKIV, and interview section filmed with HLG3 and graded afterwards. B roll footage mostly Slog 2 to get that extra dynamic range.

  • Pilgrim Hotel food and drink video production 5
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    New Video – Pilgrim Hotel

    Video production for the Pilgrim Hotel. The Pilgrim Hotel wanted to concentrate on food and drink, as it’s located on the main road from Ross-on-Wye to Hereford and get’s a lot of it’s business from visitors. Filmed with Sony A7 iii’s and Sigma Art lenses, utilising Cine4 and HLG2 customised profiles and graded afterwards in…

  • Keep moving forward boxing sparring video production 7
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    New Video – Keep Moving Forward

    Working with Sensimilla’s sponsored boxers, inspired me to create a video production highlighting the passion and talent in this sport. Captured with Sony A7III with 50mm, 24mm Sigma Art lenses and using Cine4 picture profiles. Took 13 hours in post editing to produce this video, even used dust and fog overlays (hard to spot but…

  • Venom CBD Oil Boxing Sparring Stills 2
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    Sensimilla CBD Oil – Boxing Sparring Video Production.

    Sensimilla CBD OIL Video Production. Filmed in a small old gym in Wales. We filmed these shots at higher frame rates because we didn’t want blurred movements and blurry boxing gloves during this sparring session. Filmed in Cine4 as it was low-light filming which helped workflow, graded in post production utilising various techniques and styles,…

  • 20190726 132359
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    Hardware upgrade for video production

    I’ve recently upgraded my equipment for more efficient video production. This time I’ve upgraded to an i9 9900k processor, with a Intel 390 chipset motherboard for good speed. Next upgrade will be a Asus GTX 2080 8GB model for fast and productive performance on Adobe Premiere. Watch this space

  • nicky lawrenson golf pga couch video production 3
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    Nicky Lawrenson Golf PGA Intro Video Production for social media and web golf tutorials.

    With a passion to target your individual golfing needs and aspirations, Nicky blends the technical, tactical, physical, mental and emotional components of performance into her relaxed and enjoyable sessions. Recorded in HD and filmed with 24mm, 50mm, 200mm lenses with HLG3 Sony colour profile. Amazing soundtrack ‘Never Lose Sight’ by Burnwater – (Coldfusion TV…

  • fish and chip restaurant video production stills 3
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    Restaurant & Take Away Restaurant video production

    Restaurant video production. When we film a restaurant or a fast-food takeaway, we like to tell a story, showing the process of the food straight from preparation and onto the table. We recently filmed Seven Seas, a local fish bar and restaurant in the centre of Ross-on-Wye. Their concern for losing potential business to ‘Let’s…

  • fish and chip restaurant video production stills 6
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    Seven Seas Restaurant Video Production

    Seven Seas is a local fish and chip restaurant that has been operating in the heart of Ross-on-Wye for over 30 years. They needed to get onto social media, and advertise their business to a wider audience. We aimed to create crisp visuals and a positive edge to the footage, showing the fact that they…

  • Glyn artist videographer
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    A very short film we made with Glynn – an artist who specialises in geometric abstraction.

    A very short film we made with Glynn – an artist who specialises in geometric abstraction. We used different techniques and some custom picture profiles and a Sony A7 III for this, Sigma Art 50mm lens, custom Cine4 cinematic picture profiles used with a combination of 100fps and 25fps framerates. Some of the effects used…