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  • riverside video lockdown 2020
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    Lockdown In Spring 2020. A Short Video I Made On The River Side

    Just a short video I made whilst walking on the Riverside in Ross-on-Wye during this lockdown. The weather seemed right and I wanted to convey these feelings on film. Soundtrack by Tool – Disposition

  • Leonards at 39 video production cocktail bar 1
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    Filming Cocktail Bar Video for Leonards at 39

    We are filming a really cool and stylish video production for Leonards at 39 – a classy cocktail bar situated in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire. The video will be part of a two-part production that will be displayed on their social media, and on a 4K internal display inside the bar itself which will show new promotions.…

  • Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1
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    Videographer with a Drone Licence

    My name is Luke Sutton, I hold a PfCO (permission for commercial operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority, and I am a videographer. I specialise in producing video productions for both small and large businesses, and these video productions are usually for marketing and advertising on their website, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook…

  • renewable energy video production 4
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    Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Video Production

    Renewable energy has been on our mind for some time. With the introduction of the net-zero legislation, the net-zero carbon economy being a priority for the Government, and the Government’s upcoming investment in low-carbon and renewable energy generation, technologies and storage, the future of energy companies is looking exciting, prosperous and rewarding. In order for…

  • Renewable Energy Video Production

    Renewable energy is driven by innovation. In order for renewable energy companies to compete with fossil fuel technologies, they have to keep modernising. Video marketing is a very effective way of communicating a lot of information in a short amount of time, and renewable energy video production is the way forward. Educating people about renewable…
  • industrial video production videography gloucester 3
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    Engineering Video Production

    We produce high quality videos for your marketing and demonstration purposes of your engineering automation robot capabilities. We specialise in demonstration videos for Engineering companies that design automated machines, robots, structures, bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, wind turbines and buildings. We have experience working with different engineering companies to produce such videos that can be copied…
  • Newport city martial arts video production krav maga 7
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    New shortened video production for Newport City Martial Arts

    Shortened version of the Newport City Martial Arts video prodcution, this has a standalone Instagram version at a 1:1 1080p square ratio specifically for Instagram. Filmed with dual Sony A7III’s, Sigma Art glass at 24mm and 50mm, using stabilisers and multiples of LED lights to highlight the subjects.

  • Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1
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    Videographer With a CAA Permission to Operate Drones

    My name is Luke Sutton, I am a videographer / video producer and I am certified for a CAA PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). I have a good understanding of UK air regulations, flight safety, flight planning as well as flight skills. I definitely have an eye for this business; I produce professional videos for…

  • Lush Golf clip
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    Sports Video Production with Nicky Lawrenson Golf PGA

    This is a small bit I filmed with a Canon USM II 70-200mm lens at F2.8, on a Sony A7III (using Sigma MC11 converter), Graded in HLG3 with a gentle cine lut, balancing out the tones with the orange and pushing away from excessive magenta; one of the draw backs with Sony’s HLG. Did my…

  • nicky lawrenson golf pga couch video production 1
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    Sports Videographer – Instagram YouTube Content Producer

    I have a special flair and determination for sportsmanship – yet I’m not the most athletic person you’ll meet! I’ve worked with Golf PGA pros and even Pro Boxers, and their drive and dedication fascinates me. They often get video content specifically for their Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels, to improve their following and drive…