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We are based in Ross-on-Wye, and we have designed websites for businesses such as No3 Restaurant, Leonards at 39, and CJP Broadcasting.

We use Wordpress, as it is easy to navigate and very intuitive. We train our clients to update and maintain their new website, and Search Engine Optimisation packages are available with us on launch of your website, if you wish to have ongoing support in the future.

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    Siri and Cortana to Make Sharp Change in Website Traffic

    It’s no secret that improved mobile technology has paved the way to responsive website design over the last two years, and traffic has also changed. Siri and Cortana There’s a new wave of traffic that analytics isn’t notifying you of, other than a sharp increase in mobile technology ofcourse; Siri and Cortana based searches. But…

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    Future of Website Design

    We all want to know what the future holds with web design. Whilst this is almost impossible to forecast in these times, we must prepare ourselves nevertheless. There are three main trends to future web development, which currently are influencing website design as we speak. 1) In-browser design will become more prominent Although you may be…

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    New Website for No3, Branding & Photography

    It’s been a real success with No3’s new website I provided branding, photography (restaurant seating areas, lighting, chairs) and website design for Darren and Charli for their classy new restaurant in Ross-on-Wye, and I’ve really enjoyed working with them.

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    Client’s New Website Moves Several Places up in Google!

    New websites if designed well, can often cause huge improvements in Google search results. When I design a new website, I sit down with the client and try to figure out exactly they want to achieve, whether it be selling shoes or blogging about gold panning. A good website should have SEO and this will…

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    New Web Design for Jane Miller Robinson

    I’ve just launched a fantastic new website for Jane Miller Robinson. She’s a superb animal portrait artist based in Herefordshire, and needed a new website design which she could log into, and make changes when needed. It’s mobile-friendly, and meets the requirements of Google’s new mobile-friendly policy; to avoid penalties in Google search results. To…

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    Latest Graphic Work for Website Client

    Here’s my latest graphic work for a client – updating images for a website gallery!

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    Website Design Builders – and Why To Avoid Using Them

    Over the last 15 years we’ve seen website design progress leaps and bounds. In the early ’90s, websites were often built by programmers, graphic designers and were often coded in .ASP and basic HTML. As time progressed, and technological developments changed, we saw PHP, Javascript and CSS change way websites were fundamentally built. Content management…

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    Your Website Design and What You Are About

    Your Website Is Supposed to Say What You’re All About. A good website should inspire the customer to engage in the content. To subscribe, or buy that particular product. It’s a statement of the company or organisation, and it’s more than just a business card or a leaflet online. It represents your identity and footprint on…

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    Google Analyticator for WordPress – Google Analytics on Your Dashboard

    For those that aren’t fully aware and that do have a WordPress website, please please please download Google Analyticator for WordPress. It’s a fantastic nifty analytics program that displays traffic from over a day – 30 days to 60 days, and the most visited pages and posts. Perfect if you are monitoring your traffic and trends.…

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    Stella by Starlight’s New Website Design Preview

    Little sneak preview of Stella by Starlight’s new website design!