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Client’s New Website Moves Several Places up in Google!

New websites if designed well, can often cause huge improvements in Google search results.
When I design a new website, I sit down with the client and try to figure out exactly they want to achieve, whether it be selling shoes or blogging about gold panning. A good website should have SEO and this will improve rankings but remember – SEO isn’t a cheap add-on; a lot of designers of guilty of adding search engine optimisation, along with a new web design, to often justify overpricing, when in fact, they may have little to no interest in your website’s existing or potential rankings.
Please bear in mind, a badly done website can actually harm or eliminate your existing rankings in Google, which could cost you thousands of pounds a year.

Having a website without SEO is like having a car without petrol. Get a six or twelve month contract with either myself or another proven SEO specialist and the ROI can be amazing.