Coronavirus COVID-19 and What You Can Do for Your Business

I really did not want to write another scripted post like many others have regarding this horrible pandemic. Lives have been lost, and businesses ruined. As of the time of writing this post, I myself like many others in the industry understand the economic implications this will have on our businesses. We will succeed through this and survive; so long as we persist.

Remember, the ones that lost in the Wall Street Crash of 1929 are the people that sold their properties. 

Ofcourse it may not be as simple as that for your business. I work with both large and small businesses and I can tell you; this will utterly annihilate small businesses. We have learned a few things here:

  1. You have to be accountable. Many don’t have savings, but it didn’t concern you when buying your new xbox, or payments on that new Subaru. It has never been safe in business. A government bailout is not free money. This will result in higher taxation.
  2. The facade of an invincible global economy has gone. We are all so much more vulnerable. Nobody could have seen this coming; our technology and standard of living is superior. Maybe that’s why Ebola didn’t do so well in the west? Wrong.
  3. Mother Earth has kicked our asses. She has grounded all of us, like spoilt children whilst she heals. Our ignorance of placing profits before public has never been so open. All of a sudden we have been brought into focus. The silly prattling of Brexit seems insignificant. None of these things matter but our loved ones.
  4. This is bad. But our ancestors made it through slavery, plagues, famine and war. We have got this. We are going to be okay.

Okay. As I exhale a sigh of relief getting that off my chest, I can reveal some tips and tactics that we can use to tackle our problem. Business has ceased – all over the world, and so has global trade. We see a little movement in China ironically, but that’s only because they aren’t disclosing their real mortality rates from Covid-19. Here are some things you can do, to get out of hopelessness and to make it out of this.

  1. Get your website up to date, and start looking at a list of 10 keywords. Make them realistic and in this fashion: Financial consultant Bristol, financial consulting bristol, financial advisor bristol, etc. Make a list of 10 of them and download a phone app that helps you track your rankings in Google. There are apps like SerpMOJO that are fantastic because they give you something to aim for. you can see how blogging about related industry topics and backlink building improves your ranking in Google.
  2. Consider changing your branding and look at your business and try to improve your USP. Whatever makes you unique will drive sales and prospects to your door.
  3. Update your linkedin profile, take a decent photograph and make sure it’s well written and grammatically correct. Show what makes you better, include youtube links to your video.
  4. Upgrade your Whatsapp to Whatsapp Business, and show off your business website links and products/ services. Whatsapp business will even let you display prices.
  5. Do a video production once this lockdown has been lifted and get it on YouTube. This gives you an opportunity to make a YouTube business page. YouTube is the second most used search engine so it’s only logical to drive traffic from here.
  6. Get some links from online directories related to your industry. Actually, links from these kinds of sites are extremely powerful for building your authority in the search engine results pages.
  7. Join a networking group and start reconnecting with people in your industry. They may know a few tips and perhaps you can consider joining in on a few projects.
  8. Get blogging, get working and start grinding. I also do video production, my other site here, and I had projects on the go before Covid-19 gained its momentum. I will continue to do these and skill-up whilst I can, watching YouTube channels from my favourite videographers, and improving on their approach in my industry.
  9. Free up finances, cut anything any unnecessary payments and subscriptions that you don’t need, and be patient. Once this has blown over, invest into some advertising. The reason why Kellogg’s Cornflakes is so popular is because in 1933 they speculated funding into advertising, whilst their much bigger competitors hesitated. 1933 was still economically bad and too risky, but Kellogg’s gamble paid off.

I’m always here for more help and you can always find me here at If you need any business help, get in touch with me.