Corporate videos are usually non-advertisement based video content created, and commissioned by businesses. Whether you have chosen video for social media marketing, or you intend to use this video for specific landing pages for your website, Google has taken a key interest to websites that feature a video. It has become clear that video has become a significant factor with search engine optimisation too.

We produce corporate video content targeted towards your company’s core selling demographics, or for internal employee communication; video production is key for staff training, health, and safety in the workplace. Some examples of corporate films are overview videos, staff training, health and safety, promoting, investor relations, shareholder videos, market updates, product videos, executive proposal videos, interviews, and customer testimonial videos.

A strong marketing tactic would be to release short and powerful corporate videos with regular press release announcements, utilising your website, LinkedIn, and embedding in your newsletters to bolster the message reach and effectiveness.

Our corporate video production can leverage your company’s marketing material. We prefer to plan the entire project beforehand, and put a storyboard together. We use high quality footage from very professional cameras, but we do keep this to a minimal for less disruption to the workplace.


We do film in 4K footage with really great quality audio. We also have a CAA certified drone pilot to provide aerial footage, to be used in conjunction with footage from the ground.

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