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Domain Registrations Do Affect SEO

For years the rumour has been that changing the registrar length of time, whether it be 2 years or more affects the overall ranking of a website. Truth is nobody is entirely sure but lately one thing that many people are missing to take note on is the domain registrar address.
Ever since Google announced it’s Hummingbird updates back in early ’14, geographical locations have been key to ranking well for targeted areas within your keywords. So for example, if you’re targeting Gloucester and your domain name was registered to your web designer based in Bristol, there’s a chance Google won’t see a lot of relevance in the local areas. Google hates companies pretending to serve areas when they don’t so the best way to eliminate this obstacle is to ensure the domain name is registered to yourself and in the very location you are targeting.
If you haven’t got an address in Gloucester then consider a family member. Ideally, if for example Gloucester is your main targeted area and your office is based in Ross-on-Wye, then Gloucester may be a better location for your office and your domain registrar address detail.

Trusted Domain Registrars

Let me be plain and simple. Registering a domain name with GoDaddy and even worse; hosting it with them is plain crazy. Add a few more seconds to your website loading time isn’t going to impress Google, and having a possibly blocked and spammy IP address alongside unreliable hosting is a bad, bad choice. Consider a more trusted registrar such as United Hosting or 1&1. The same goes for hosting. SEO is 55% hosting and domain registrar based. So pick silver package hosting for better load times and more trusted IP addresses.
If you pick GoDaddy then you email addresses could all be marked as spam by practically every email hosting company and that leads you down the long road of transferring your domain name to somewhere better.