Fear of Failure Will Derail Your Website Presence

Fear of failure is typically the number 1 cause for why an online business fails, and it’s the same cause for a failed SEO campaign; whether it be the SEO specialist or the business owner that is fearful the campaign will fail or die a sudden death. Once we come from a fearful place, we lose our natural ability to see logical steps to improve a situation and the same principle applies to your online business, and in turn actually go about of making the steps to fail.

I often have meetings with clients that immediately express worries, doubts, and their own disappointments within themselves; especially if the economy is struggling and its a recession. When we are fearful, we tend to focus on what we are trying to avoid. This, in turn, causes us to do and say things that actually bring about what we are trying to avoid. We don’t always have control over what happens to our business, but we always have control over where we direct our focus. Focus on what you want and what actions you need to take to make what you want a reality.

Believe It Can Succeed

It can succeed and regardless of how intimidating your competition can be, you can always tailor your business to a perfect customer (something I learned from April Shipton and her fabulous marketing skills). There’s always a way and if you’re unsure of what step to take next, then grab a business coach like Andrew Hancock and start working on you. You are your business. And you need to work on you first. Check out this cool article by Sarah Hayler about finding your centre and the path to least resistance. It doesn’t have to be so hard to succeed. You can find out more about her upcoming book ‘The Gift’ on the Kindle store here.

Get The Right Expertise

If you don’t talk to myself, then find somebody who has improved businesses and specialises in building you traffic, not just somebody who charges top-rate for website design. They need to know traffic. And work with it regularly.
You should be able to meet them, be put at ease and have a good understanding of your website’s goals and objectives by the end of the initial consultation. If you seek a marketing specialist; find a marketing specialist instead. Tread with caution because there are many, many, many below-par SEO companies out there who are link-merchants, and just buy back-links to your website.