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Future of Website Design

We all want to know what the future holds with web design. Whilst this is almost impossible to forecast in these times, we must prepare ourselves nevertheless.

There are three main trends to future web development, which currently are influencing website design as we speak.

1) In-browser design will become more prominent

Although you may be tempted to use photoshop to mock up a design before development, you can’t help but be tempted with in-browser web design builders like Wix, Weebly and Webflow. At the current pace, WordPress still dominates it’s competitors but this will soon be a thing of the past. In-browser design offers easy web development without knowing coding, and although most professional designers are against this current trend, it’s still a good starting point for most early developers.

2) Designers really need to factor in accessibility right from the start

There’s a misconception that designing a website that is accessible to everyone takes too long. But if we embed accessibility from the start, we’ll save time because we don’t then have to add accessibility options at a later date.
It’s not just about people with impairments or disabilities – its more than just text contrast and responsive design; are they using a keyboard or mouse? Are they using touch? We need to accept mobile devices more than just desktop users, and this means designing sites for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows 10.

3) Responsive design is here to stay and will evolve

We saw in 2014 the great change of trends towards responsive design, but what really changed things was the growing mobile user generation, as well as Google handing out penalties to websites that weren’t responsive, but static in design. This will evolve more and more in time, and we see Siri and Cortana evolving with locality. Google’s new algorithm Hummingbird will change the scenes with who ranks where and why. Apps in modern browsers will begin to utilise more from websites, such as motion detection to change font size etc.

It’s not impossible to predict the future but if we anticipate the changes we are seeing now, we can stay ahead of the game and make the web a better place.