good web design makes every difference

A Good Website Makes Every Difference

If you’ve been in business and you doubt your website, then it’s time to ditch for a new design. Marketing today is extremely important, so ensure you have a cutting edge website that’s fully responsive, with a blog feature that you can update regularly, in order for it to grow.

Many Businesses Are Still Using Antiquated Web 2.0 Websites

The biggest problem with online businesses today is man power, and having enough staff on point to handle the company social media channels, and the company blog, which is often overlooked. Many businesses are still using antiquated web 2.0 websites, some of these still static and adopting an ‘above the fold’ strategy which is slowly becoming a consideration rather than an necessity for low-resolution screen displays. I’ve known some businesses to invest in over £10k a year in adwords, yet even with traffic well and above the 4000 mark a month in visitors, they’ll still avoid a website re-design. It’s insane, and an expensive mistake to make.

Mobile Traffic Is Soaring at an All Time High

Mobile technology is allowing people to browse websites, when time is scarce. You may notice certain friends and family members that have replaced their laptops, entirely for their smart phones. It’s the way it’s going and designing websites that are mobile friendly isn’t an option; it’s an absolute must have and failure to change with the times will certainly affect your rankings in Google, and your website conversion rates.