Industrial Manufacturing / Factory Video Production

We started filming with TBS Engineering (a large capital equipment manufacturer) at their factory back in early 2018. Over that time, we have tried different filming styles, different colour grades, different frame rates, and worked to specific instructions to produce video productions for sales and demonstration purposes. We have refined our skills in manufacturing video production to deliver the very best quality, at a competitive price.

We have recently started working with RMGroup UK Ltd, specialists in the manufacturing and installations of robot palletisers – machines that can bag, pack, stack and assemble anything from crumpets to plastic polymer balls. We have evolved our product to meet the client’s needs and expectations; aerial video footage (we are qualified drone pilots) to high-quality videography and photography.

Videography can be a very powerful tool to demonstrate the capabilities of automation, as well as industrial factory machinery. We regularly provide video production for the sales team of TBS Engineering, so they can take their product overseas. The resulting video clip is taken on their laptop, tablet or on a flash drive so they can display this to new and potential customers on a viewscreen. This vastly improves closing the sale. In TBS’s case, they can close the sale with their automated battery assembly robots, and demonstrate each process on the screen as a video presentation, whilst their salesman explains the process.

Some of the advantages of choosing us for your video production are:

  • CAA qualified drone pilot. We can provide aerial footage on-site
  • Experience with capital equipment manufacturers and engineering companies
  • Competitively priced from £1200 for professional industrial video productions
  • Industrial photography
  • 7 years experience – web design. We can embed your video on your website
  • A professional, relaxed, supportive & productive experience

Interviews, time-lapses and filming

Interviews (aka voxpops) can be provided, using 2 cameras and switching between the two, in order to make a more interesting production. This, combined with good B-roll and some time-lapses can create a very professional video production.

Time lapses are a great technique to spread out a long or short period of time and progress into a relatively short bit of film. In construction, industrial and engineering projects, time-lapses are really powerful. Long time-lapses can be a day or over-night process to show as much progress as possible on the filming project.

We can film interviews with clear 4K footage and excellent audio quality, along with time-lapses of installations in industrial environments.

Aerial drone footage

We are CAA registered for commercial operations. This allows us to add professional aerial footage to your industrial video production. It’s a legal requirement for us to provide a risk assessment beforehand, and we can plan the weather, the risk assessment and provide you with a flight plan for the filming day.

Our aerial footage is of the highest quality, 4K 10-bit footage and colour-graded in post production to match the cameras on the ground. We operate and film in a non-invasive manner, with legal paperwork with us on site. A copy of our certification can be provided.

Manufacturing Companies Use Video Production for B2B Sales

We specialise in B2B sales video productions and these can be used to demonstrate your manufacturing capabilities to clients and potential customers.

We have experience working with different engineering companies to produce such videos that can be copied onto a flash drive or their laptop to be taken and shown to overseas clients. Most engineering companies have used video productions in the past, only to find their videos look outdated, and failing to advertise their newest engineering models to date.

Interview Segments With Factory Footage.

If you want to be interviewed on film, then this can be done. We can set up the necessary lighting and advise the best location to film in your factory or office area.

We suggest keeping your video simple and avoid going off-track with the process. You need to make a good impression, and at the same time clearly demonstrate each process in a logical manner. The automated robot will no doubt have multiple steps and processes in the assembly of a product. So avoid too much text but clearly label the processes. Have machinery synced to music but keep it quiet. Our clients have reported machinery sounds have a good impression, but sales teams within the industry like to play the video on silent whilst they present the video to a client, and talking about the process. We can keep this entire process customised to your specific machinery.

Time-lapses and aerial footage can be used to show your company and what you’re all about. We can brand the video with your company logo, and place your contact details and a website address at the end. If you’d like, we can even create an intro that you can use to brand each of the other videos that we produce for you.

TBS Engineering
William Cross – Group Sales Manager

‘We are in the business of large Capital Equipment manufacturing for the Battery Industry. The completion from a successful customer inspection only allows a small window for promotional work such as videos, which Luke assisted us greatly. His approach to this bespoke nature of Industrial filming was exceptional and we have continued to develop our working relationship on a range of other projects. I cannot speak highly enough of his character, work ethic and look forward to working on our Robot Plate Loader in May this year.’

Freight Investor Services
Neville Smith

‘I worked with Luke on behalf of my client Freight Investor Services which wanted an updated mobile-friendly website. Luke’s design skills, enthusiasm for the project and speed of response made the process fast and simple, it was completed within timeframe and to budget. It was a pleasure to work with Luke and I would heartily recommend his services.’

Mike Morgan Marketing
Mike Morgan – Director

‘I’ve worked with Luke Sutton on numerous client websites. He’s easy to work with, attentive and innovative. He understands the way that I work and looks after my clients in a polite and efficient manner. Highly recommended!’