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Laptop and computer repair

800+ computers and laptops repaired over 8 years. Highly experienced professional service.

We provide a specialist service with regards to repairing laptops and desktop computers, for both professional designers, video editors and the public. We work with a free inspection service, given our experience, which is sufficient to quickly assess your computer and provide a practical solution.

If you aren’t located near us in Ross-on-Wye, you are welcome to post your laptop to us in a secure package, and we can assess the situation from here.

Laptops and computers always work best when they are serviced at regular intervals. If they aren’t serviced, components such as the hard drive fail and data is subsequently lost, or the laptop suffers from an accumulated get dust blockage in the cooling assembly, causing excessive heat damaged the components including the hard drive where your data is kept.

Our services include:

  • Data recovery
  • Dust blockage removal / cleaning
  • Graphics chip reflow and resoldering
  • Memory upgrade
  • Hard drive replacement
  • SSD hard drive upgrade
  • Cracked screen replacement
  • Keyboard replacement