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New Website Design for Women in Golf & Business

We have the green light from Nicky to begin her new website for Women in Golf and Business. This is part B of her business model with golf and coaching, and WIGB has been on the cards for a few years now. With this lockdown in place, it’s allowed a lot of golf PGA pros like Nicky Lawrenson, and other business people alike, time to change and improve their business model in favour for one that allows online coaching, and support whilst face-to-fave business just isn’t possible during a lockdown.

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About Nicky: Nicky Lawrenson is a PGA Fellow Golf Professional with over 17 years coaching experience. Having worked within several sectors of the golfing world, both within the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Nicky has gained great experience within various corporate environments. A familiar pattern arose whilst working within this arena in that female participants were in the minority. Golf provides a fantastic opportunity to meet people, network and build long lasting relationships, particularly in business. A great passion grew within Nicky to ensure that businesswomen could fully embrace and capitalise on the benefits these environments bring.