Nick Daly Web Design Close To Launch

We are very close to launching Nick Daly’s new photography website next week and we’ve been busy adding the finishing touch for mobile devices. We have trained Nick to upload images, blog articles and portfolio posts to the site with relative ease.

We’ve chosen the very best images for his website and we have imported his existing blog posts from his old site, so we won’t lose any authority on his rankings or gain any broken links with existing cached pages on Googles search results. Social media isn’t of interest to Nick, but he does have a social profile on Le Book (a great resource for finding the best contacts and interlocutors) where we have added a link in his website footer.

Myself and April have kept the website simple and clean in design; less is more.

Nick Daly is a very talented London based photographer working in the advertising lifestyles. He works with agency sourced models or street-cast “ordinary people”, and he manages to make each series as natural as they are choreographed and scripted. His impressive clientele include Boots, Nestle, Castrol, Coca-Cola, NHS, Mercedes-Benz, HSBC and Natwest.

Watch this space.