Luke Sutton passed UAV Academy UAV drone pilot 1

Passed theory and practical tests for CAA Licence – Commercial Drone Operations

I’ve recently passed my theory and practical flight assessment for commercial drone operations. After 2 months of studying theory and practicing maneuvers for my flight assessment, I’ve been able to apply for a full CAA licence, so I can legally undertake flight operations such as aerial surveys, and obtain aerial footage and aerial photography.

This will vastly improve my video production quality, and services to my customers.

Before I plan any commercial aerial operation, I must first provide a pre-site assessment, which usually involves a recce of the site, and to check for nearby airports and other hazards which may introduce risk. Once I’m satisfied it’s safe to proceed with a flight and the weather is good, I am also legally obliged to perform an on-site assessment, as well as taking out flight insurance for the time and day of the commercial operation. There are other responsibilities too; such as keeping an accurate flight log, a battery log, a maintenance log of the aircraft etc.

For commercial drone operations, or aerial surveys, get in touch and we can proceed with a pre-site assessment.