Notice: We are still operating and serving businesses during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

We had one mission when we created Leonards at 39 website; and that was to make it the most visually stunning and most mysterious website as possible. The establishment is absolutely stunning, with a plethora or incredible interior design and art-deco styling.

I began the site by working with Charlie and Darren Leonard with colour schemes they had chosen on the interior design. They knew exactly how they wanted the homepage to appear, and described how they wanted the welcome logo to have a tint of gold leaf texture, along with subtle textures on the site to give it an almost grudge and worn effect.

The video we created by filming the cocktail staff. I was so stunned by how smooth their movements flowed whilst making my cocktails, I filmed them and put the footage to a video editor. Later, I rendered the video as an animated GIF so it would download to a mobile or tablet handset, and run automatically! (We didn’t want the visitor to have to manually click ‘play’ due to YouTube’s mobile data restrictions on mobile handsets!).

The site should do them a great service, and help them make extra conversions from visitors to orders on their cocktail bar. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with Charlie and Darren Leonard again.