Cocktail Bar Video Production with Leonards at 39.

Close-up camera work, hand-held and manually focused. This video production was for Leonards at 39 Cocktail Bar. This video is part 1 of 2 and is aimed at drawing attention to promotions on a flat screen display above the bar area.

Our Bartender, Tom, was fantastic to work with. He had excellent patience with me and would repeatedly ask if I needed to re-take to ensure I had the right shot. There would be times in-between taking shots where he would be spinning cups and flipping bottles. I couldn’t resist catching him in action so I would quickly set up and say: “Wait a minute! Do that again!”.

After a productive morning filming and a few broken glasses on takes (not me I promise!), I was finally pleased with the footage. After 3 days I’d put together this video production.

A great deal of work and patience went into this project and the name of the cocktail is ‘sex on the beach’, which also happens to be the Owner’s favourite cocktail.

What makes this video so unique is the sound design. Many of the sound effects, such as the wine bottle, ice cube and shaking sounds, were recorded later at home with professional microphones using various items, and the audio was engineered over the top.

If you wish to read the technical jargon, read further …

All footage was captured at 1080p at 100 fps, 1/200 shutter speed, but for some of the close-up footage I deliberately broke the 1/80 shutter degree rule to give more detail to the visual flow of the shots, especially for the alcohol pouring part. Lighting was used and smaller lights were placed behind the scenes, such as the bar area behind the Bartender and the ice cube cooler tray.

I used a custom Cine4 profile and avoided over-exposing the highlights. Most shots were handheld, apart from some bits where using a gimbal was necessary for smooth transitions. My Zeiss close-focus 40mm lens was great for this project, as it is super-sharp and it balances the less sharp high frame rates on the camera – my Sony A7 III was the camera of choice.