Strikezone Peening

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Strikezone Peening was an amazing project to work on. Their branding, colours and overall image needed a makeover and I took the choice on a yellow and blue colour scheme with an industrial cog motif, subtly introduced into the aesthetic design.

Their clientele are the MOD (peening parts for submarines and military jets) British Airways and blue-chip companies. They even provide peening services for driveshafts for car manufacturers. Because of this nature of their clientele, I advised we secure the site with https, to ensure we don't deter potential clients that are expecting a secure website. First impressions certainly do count.

The video was the best bit. Shot in 1080p using our Canon 600D and a mix of different zoom lenses,  we got some impressive footage when we mounted the camera on a shoulder-supported stabiliser (to remove camera shake). The finished result was fantastic and the Strikezone team was great to get work with.