Quality Content On Your Website

So you’re trying to find something on Google and bang – you’ve found what you were looking for. You click on the link and you’re taken to a page and you start thinking.. *eh?*.
It’s the moment you realise this site could possibly be spammy or perhaps you’ve been lead to a page that sucked you in to show you tons of adverts.

We’re used to this. Annoying this may be but we are.

We are used to this. Infact people are remarkably unforgiving to this fact and if the visitor even suspects you’re wasting their time just to get money for affiliate marketing.. They’ll probably never click on one of your pages in Google ever again.

Maybe it’s accidental, but the page title and meta description should accurately reflect what the page is about. Same with image alts. Naming the image alts or image file names on your website with terms like “michelle rodriguez topless” may seem a smart way to gain fast traffic but ultimately, Google will notice this exit rate on your site. Google will notice people leaving your website immediately and your page will lose ranking over time.

Best bet.. Is to install analytics on your website and check pageviews.. Page views is the key to understanding continuous page views VS bounce rates on individual pages.