SEO vs website on trends

SEO has more demand than Web Design According to Trends

Okay, okay!!  This is an obvious one and we saw this one coming right from 2010 onwards so I won’t claim credit for this find, hehe.
But the question is, how on earth did SEO become a more popular demand than Web Design? (according to Google Trends)

Years ago, many businesses felt pressured into getting a website in order to compete, without any idea of an effective marketing strategy, website traffic, conversions and even monitoring traffic.  But nowadays every SME has a website, or a company blog or a facebook page and the term “SEO” is more and more common due to competition being such a problem. At one time you used to be able to simply make statistics up about website design and traffic and people believed it, but now we are increasingly more aware of search engines and since Google has become an everyday part of our lives, we are all recognising the importance of more traffic, but relevant friendly content on a website to keep visitors engaged.

Business owners also have a different attitude towards website design than they do with regards to driving more traffic with SEO. A lot of business owners have got into the habit of “making do” rather than analysing traffic and spotting the way visitors interact with their site and if they are generally searching for SEO, it’s because they’ve finally recognised that something is missing from their website. Once we stop thinking of the term “SEO” as a method of simply getting traffic and realising it’s an opportunity to make your online business a better place to visit, we’ll see SEO becoming an even greater demand that it already is.