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Video production for your website, social media and advertising.

Video production is very powerful. It is well known that businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than just regular text and image ads. Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos.

Video has unlimited uses. We’ve had requests for video business cards, company videos, industrial and defence sector video production, aviation videos showing cleaning products on aircraft parts, etc. This list just goes on.

We use the best lenses, cameras, and microphones in the industry. We take video production very seriously, so we’ll plan the shots, the lighting, the cameras and the story you wish to portray, right down to the sound effects in post production, with foley sound-effects being re-recorded on a microphone for better effects.

We provide up-to-date, stylish videos that are unique to your brand and reach thousands of people. We do all of this with your business expertise and input.

Our Video Production Specialities

Not all video production is the same. Video production can vary depending on the location, the environment, and the project itself. We began in factory and manufacturing environments, and we naturally have honed our skills in this field. We are also very good at interview, training, and corporate videos too.

Industrial & Factory

We started filming large capital equipment three years ago and we have enjoyed this field the most. There is a certain style and discipline to filming industrial machinery, and we learned to improve this field and create a more interesting production visually. Video productions for the industrial and manufacturing sector are requested for product pages on websites, as a marketing video on LinkedIn or taken with their sales team to use as a demo, which can aid the communication and education of prospective customers.


Not every Corporate video has to be boring! We try to make it interesting and engaging with the viewer, whatever the business it is that you are in. Whether you are a financial advisor, or an estate agency looking for videos to improve the sales of homes, you have got the right idea and you have come to the right place. Video is every bit as engaging as you have told, and we would be happy to work with you, so that you can achieve your goals.

The most interesting corporate clients we have are usually defence contractors; we cannot talk about these ofcourse; and you won’t find this on our portfolio. We sign NDA’s for these types of clientele.


Creative videos are great fun, and by creative, we mean working with professionals such as PGA pro golfers, professional boxers, filming music videos and much more. Creative videos give us that little more freedom to unleash more creativity into our video production. We pay just as much attention to sound design and engineering, as much as we do with filming and the initial script. It is all carefully planned and filmed in a place, for maximum result.

We started in this field – we have advanced in manufacturing & industrial video productions.

High-grade filming and photography equipment for the best footage possible.

Fast turnaround from the day of filming to deliverables. We are the fastest.