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Industrial video production with large Capital Equipment manufacturing

Videography can be a very powerful tool to demonstrate the capabilities of automation, as well as industrial machinery. We regularly provide video production for TBS Engineering (large Capital Equipment manufacturers for the battery industry based in Gloucester) so they can take their product overseas. The resulting video clip is taken on their laptop, tablet or on a flash drive so they can display this on a viewscreen. This vastly improves closing the sale. In TBS’s case, they can close the sale with their automated battery assembly robots, and demonstrate each process on the screen as a video presentation, whilst their salesman explains the process.


We take all angles and the automation process into basic steps so they are easily understood. What makes our video production stand out is the visual call outs, subtle sounds of the machine and stunning camera footage. We take great detail into showing the automation of your robot, the steps into the production and the final result.

Filming process

Our filming is done using high quality 4K cameras. We usually film 2 days on-site, then proceed to post-production at our in-house video editing studio for another 2-3 days, to finalise your video production and add any additional text call-outs. Once done, we will send you the finished version in a high quality MP4 format which will work on all of your devices.

We custom make high-quality video productions for industrial, civil engineering and manufacturing clientele. We film in crisp 4k with a good eye for detail when it comes to building demonstrative video productions. These videos can massively help you communicate your services to your customers, and to show them why you are the better choice for engineering and manufacturing.

We are specialists in the field of industrial engineering videos, working with large capital equipment manufacturing and engineering companies. This includes logistics, automative, pharmaceutical, aerospace and electrical engineering.