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Civil engineering video production.

We regularly create professional quality video productions for TBS Engineering in Cheltenham, and our video clientele base is growing. TBS is the world leader in producing automatic machinery for the lead acid battery industry. 

Videos we produce are often used along with sales, to improve conversions and build sales-partnerships. It’s much easier to demonstrate why your automated machine is better, with a good sales pitch and a professional video, that demonstrates each process that the machine has to do. On this page you’ll see a video of an automated battery assembly machine with COS. It assembles the battery, and this video includes the hot lead-molding cast. The final result is a car battery. To make our videos interesting, we’ll use a pleasing licenced soundtrack, and synchronise the machine to the beat. You’ll notice at intervals the sound of the machinery, where we feel it works best.

The resulting composition of the engineering video production is professional, in it’s 4K glory.

These videos can massively help you communicate your services to your customers, and to show them why you are the better choice for engineering and manufacturing.