Siri and Cortana to Make Sharp Change in Website Traffic

It’s no secret that improved mobile technology has paved the way to responsive website design over the last two years, and traffic has also changed.

Siri and Cortana

There’s a new wave of traffic that analytics isn’t notifying you of, other than a sharp increase in mobile technology ofcourse; Siri and Cortana based searches. But what makes Siri and Cortana utilise it’s resources? Siri uses local directories such as Yelp and Yahoo, rather than Google’s search algorithm. It’s also becoming more and more noticeable that schema coding makes a huge difference in local search results pages, and this can be seen on both Bing and Google. These may be the key to ensuring healthy rankings on mobile devices.

It’s possible that SEO may not be a predominant factor in traffic in a few years time. There’s some serious competition between Google Now, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

More on Siri and Cortana at a later date..