I have a special flair and determination for sportsmanship – yet I’m not the most athletic person you’ll meet! I’ve worked with Golf PGA pros and even Pro Boxers, and their drive and dedication fascinates me.
They often get video content specifically for their Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels, to improve their following and drive traffic to their sites for events and sales. I like to make a clean punchy video that raises awareness, and gains their attention right away.

You’ve got less than 5 seconds to make a positive impression, and to make it relevant.

I am happy to work with your ideas to make them become a reality, so message me on my contact page with the vision that you have. Tell me your goals; long and short term so I can prepare a good strategy for you. Show me what you may have seen on a video, and we can work to replicating their success strategy and improving on that.

Let’s get to work.