T.S.Creations Website Close to Launch

Hello again! It has been far, far too long since I last blogged about our current design progress. April and I have been at full capacity with websites; 14 websites are currently being designed for clients, with another 5 in the pipeline. Hence the reason I haven’t had much time to blog as often as I’d like to. We’ve really knuckled down on our design and marketing techniques for clients, learning new design skills and playing with technologies such as jquery, scss, css animated text styling and large scale animated gifs for headers. We’ve also improved on website speeds and mobile compatibility.

The website I’d like to mention is the T.S.Creation site.. yes that’s the one.. the Lightsaber specialist Tom Stephens who is itching to give eCommerce a try. It’s a big step. Tom’s time and patience on community-led groups on Facebook has paid off; now is a good time to step outside of his comfort zone of community groups and take it to Google. The new site design embodies a rich texture scheme, eye-catching colours, full-scale animated gifs and subtle CSS3 shadow effects. We’ve added a little humour in there too; one-liners and quotes that Star Wars fans would instantly recognise. We have designed this site to be a fun, memorable experience.