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The Mobile Friendly Website Frenzy

As from April the 21st 2015, all websites need to be “mobile friendly” to avoid Google penalties. So we’ve been told anyhow. The truth is.. the SEO community isn’t seeing many direct penalties to websites that aren’t mobile friendly.
I’ve seen websites re-developed with a responsive framework, from an old fixed-width website, to sadly see no improvement in Google rankings afterwards.
We do know one thing though.. that responsive mobile-friendly websites will rank better for people browsing Google search pages with a mobile device. If you aren’t entirely sure on the percentage of mobile visits to your site, you’ll need to set up Google analytics and take a closer look on your traffic and specifically technology and browsers.

responsive-website-design-ross-on-wyeThere’s no arguing the fact that people are using mobile phones more and more to browse, and purchase products. Ensuring that you have a mobile-friendly site is best approached in a way that allows smooth conversions on your website, rather than meeting Google’s guidelines.

If you don’t wish to go mobile-friendly, then you may, and I mean may see penalties on your rankings in the near future. You can always opt to have a website designer create a mobile site,which will only be triggered if a mobile device views your website, rather than paying for a newer responsive website which resizes, and adapts to different screen resolutions.

You can test whether a website is mobile friendly or not, here. Remember to test other pages than just the home page.

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Using the 100% width viewport meta tag (‘<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width”>’) doesn’t count as a responsive site, although it is necessary with responsive sites. Touch elements, divs and menu icons need to be well spaced apart, with a large enough font for mobile phones and tablets.
It’s also wise to create a robots.txt file if you haven’t already, and ensure you aren’t blocking access to javascript files and css files. Its important for Google to render the page fully, to assess whether it’s mobile friendly or not.