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Time-lapse filming video production

Time-lapses are excellent at showing a lot of progress in a very short amount of video time. We can produce static time-lapses where the camera in situated in one fixed location, or we can place the camera on an automated slider which will move progressively slowly throughout the time-lapse process; ofcourse the latter being effective if you have foreground items which are blurry and the main focus behind – this creates a parallax effect and it looks stunning.

Uses of time-lapse filming

Time-lapse is usually a favourite amongst construction, industrial, electrical, and development sectors. We regularly use time-lapse with industrial and construction clients as this is a powerful footage, it works well with interviews and additional aerial footage (and yes we are CAA certified for commercial aerial work). Time-lapse footage works best in complementary to other footage, and it is usually best suited with additional ground and aerial camera work.

Timing. It’s all about timing.

You may choose to situate the filming for 2 days footage, or less. Maybe the footage is small snippets over a smaller time span. It’s best to discuss the details with us first before we being planning stage.

CAA Registered for Aerial footage and filming.

We are CAA certified and registered for flight and commercial operations; and this kind of footage is best suited to helping tell the story of the industrial complex or site where the work is being undertaken. We provide our footage in 4K, and it’s filmed in 4K too for maximum quality. Where we shine is telling the story, and making it look super-professional.