Video Production for Fascia Focus uPVC Windows and Doors

We have just filmed Fascia Focus on a bi-fold uPVC door installation. The installation was so professional, and I filmed the team installing the door configuration with a run-and-gun technique.

As they installed the bi-fold doors, I moved around them, capturing the most interesting shots, and getting close-up shots to the power tools and the team members. These ‘action shots’ look just fantastic, sharp and most of them were shot in 100fps so I can have more control in post-production.

The final video will be 4K and presented on their website design, which I’m half-way through designing at the time of this post. Their video will prove to be a powerful marketing tool too, from community groups on Facebook and on their business page, to their LinkedIn and Instagram marketing campaign.

From the footage we have captured, we’ll be able to produce other smaller teaser clips to begin with before they announce the full version of the installation clip.

We hope to produce other fantastic uPVC Window and door video productions very soon! Click here to get in touch if you want to step up to the next level with video.

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