Video Production Gloucester

I’m Luke Sutton, your dedicated videographer based in the heart of Gloucester. With a passion for storytelling and years of experience in the industry, I’ve become the go-to choice for businesses, professionals and individuals seeking high-quality video production services in Gloucestershire.

Corporate Video Production: In the corporate world, effective communication is key. My corporate video production services help businesses convey their message, enhance their brand, and engage their audience.

Event Videography: From conferences to festivals, my event videography services capture the essence of your event. I document the moments that matter most and deliver videos that leave a lasting impact.

Promotional Videos: Looking to promote your product, service, or brand? My promotional videos are designed to captivate your audience and drive results.

Documentary and Creative Projects: Have a unique idea or personal project? I’m passionate about storytelling and turning your creative concepts into captivating visual experiences.


My state-of-the-art equipment guarantees the highest quality in both video and audio production. Every project is treated as unique, and I work closely with you to customise my services according to your specific needs and vision. As a videographer deeply connected to the local area, I have an intimate understanding of Gloucestershire’s unique charm and the best locations for your video projects.

Video is a powerful tool

// Bringing the Power of Video to Gloucester’s Businesses.


Harnessing the power of video production can be a game-changer for businesses, regardless of their size or industry. It offers an innovative way to convey your brand’s identity, core values, and offerings in a visually captivating and persuasive manner. Here’s why it’s such a valuable tool:

Compelling Storytelling: Video provides an ideal platform for telling captivating stories. Whether you’re narrating the history of your brand, showcasing the functionality of a product, or sharing heartfelt customer testimonials, stories resonate deeply with your target audience, forging emotional connections that leave a lasting impact.

Enhanced Engagement: In today’s fast-paced digital world, people prefer watching videos over reading text. Videos displayed on websites and social media platforms tend to attract higher engagement rates, expanding your reach and holding the viewer’s attention more effectively.

SEO Advantages: Incorporating videos into your online presence can give your website’s search engine rankings a significant boost. Search engines prioritize video content, increasing the likelihood that your site will appear prominently in search results.

Establishing Authority: Professionals can leverage video to demonstrate their expertise within a specific industry. Whether it’s through informative webinars, hands-on tutorial videos, or thought-provoking leadership content, video helps position you as a credible authority within your field.


Video production is a versatile tool that empowers businesses of all sizes to unlock growth opportunities and enhance revenue streams:

Small Businesses: Even for small businesses with limited resources, video production can level the competitive landscape. It offers a cost-effective avenue to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience, enabling you to compete effectively with larger competitors.

Medium-Sized Enterprises: As your business expands, so do your marketing demands. Video production efficiently conveys intricate concepts, aids in employee onboarding, and facilitates the expansion of your customer base. It’s a versatile resource serving various departments, from marketing to HR, ensuring seamless growth.

Large Corporations: For large corporations, video serves as a potent tool for both internal and external communication. It streamlines training processes, enriches corporate culture, and functions as a dynamic marketing channel that connects with global audiences, further bolstering market presence.

Global Outreach: Video transcends geographical boundaries. In today’s digital age, the rise of online platforms has made it possible for businesses, regardless of size, to extend their reach to a global audience. This expansion unlocks new markets and diverse revenue streams, fostering business growth and sustainability.