In The Footsteps

Promotional video production

After 4 days of filming battlefield tour company In The Footsteps, I can positively tell you that this was an incredible experience. Packing light with a Sony A7III with spare batteries, shotgun mic, a Ronin S gimbal, I was lightly prepared for what laid ahead of me, a little bit like the allied troops of the Normandy invasion 70 years ago!

We began filming in Omaha beach which was just a short drive from our accommodation in Port En Bessin (another well known battle location that featured British commando units and German defenders). Later this moved onto Juno beach, and several other locations before visiting Pegasus bridge. Not only did I film the tour guide telling the famous stories, but I just couldn’t resist the temptations of climbing into the old battle-damaged fortifications.

The resulting footage looks good, with the exception of the sound! The wind was so strong, that the lav mic and shotgun mic was ineffective at capturing clear speech from our tour guide Ian. Filmed in Hybrid Log Gamma 3, and colour graded in post.