Lead caster

Our latest video production showcases the Lead Caster at TBS Engineering, a powerful machine renowned for its ability to melt lead bars, meticulously remove impurities, and produce precision-rolled lead sheets of exceptional quality. These prized lead rolls play a crucial role in the lead-acid automotive battery industry, ultimately becoming the essential grated lead plates used in automotive car batteries.

This video serves a dual purpose: first, as an invaluable training resource for those who operate the Lead Caster, ensuring their safety and competence when working with this potent machinery. Secondly, it serves as a compelling sales tool, allowing potential clients to witness the impeccable craftsmanship and quality that TBS Engineering offers. Through captivating visuals and an informative narrative, this video effectively bridges the gap between safety, expertise, and the promise of excellence within the automotive battery industry. It is a valuable asset for both internal training and external client engagement.