Robag FX 3ci™

Our video production delves deep into the intricate inner workings of the Robag FX 3ci, revealing its exceptional feed mechanisms, precision weighing capabilities, and the flawless distribution of food products into expertly sealed bags.

This industry leader offers an unparalleled blend of speed and adaptability, simplifying the packaging process for a wide array of snacks and food applications. With an impressive speed of up to 250 bags per minute and minimal waste, as low as 0.1%, it sets new standards in the industry.

What sets the tna Robag FX 3ci apart is its adaptable jaw design and a variety of size options, allowing for seamless integration with both upstream and downstream equipment. Additionally, our patented auto-connect and unload assist technology takes innovation to new heights, streamlining the process of changing formers without any mechanical adjustments and reducing the need for extra manpower.