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Website Advice and Consultancy with Row & Wye Flooring

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We’ve been working with Ross Flooring lately and we recently designed their new website It’s our goal to make sure that Ross flooring ranks as best as it possible can, and that it converts traffic as good as possible to sales and conversions. We’ve been working with them with their latest expansion Wye Flooring, a Hereford-based flooring company that they recently purchased and. They bought their website too and needed consultation and planning which we have provided.

website consultancy

Ross Flooring Website

Ross on wye flooring 2

We started by first asking the client for 20 of their target keywords. Then once we begin making changes, we can visually see improvements with their rankings. At the same time, we’ll monitor their site analytics to ensure their bounce rate doesn’t increase, and that the traffic is engaged by the content until they convert into a sale.

So far we’ve changed the basic details on Row & Wye Flooring of their business name, title and meta description tags in Google search results, and have plans for their Google local page, along with YouTube footage to help bolster their online footprint.

The site design is good and bOnline have done a fine job here. We have spotted some hosting discrepancies on their website which may limit their ability to rank higher, and we have a plan in action to work around this limitation. Working with Row & Wye Flooring is fantastic; Martin, David and Gregory Bundy have great enthusiasm and determination to stand apart from all competition with an improved product, and a trusted local reputation. We’ve developed a good business relationship and we will continue to work alongside them in the future with both design, and online marketing.

We are covering all angles here for success and are building a reputation to last. Your success ultimately is our success, so we can start by your business goals and what you want to achieve in business, and then we can implement a plan to set you apart from your competitors.